Living in the time of Coronavirus

What does it mean to be alive now?

Covid-19 (the coronavirus) has thrown our whole lives into sharp relief. It’s as if we were previously living inside a play or movie without realising it, and now the lights have been turned up and we can see it was all just a glorious fiction.

The wake-up call that the crisis engenders is shocking in the extreme. No wonder the majority want to continue the old drama. It was a well-known story with apparent predictability, which provided a level of comfort and luxury unknown to our ancestors. The superficial, dolce vita lifestyle of our culture has its demons too: addictive substances and entertainment, rampant consumerism, and exponentially growing environmental destruction. All this held in place by a media designed to soothe the growing unease, while titillating the senses into a hyper-stimulated experience of distracted attention.

As Zak Stein, in a recent Rebel Wisdom interview, so prophetically stated, we are wandering in the wilderness. Our safety nets are gone; our freedom has been stripped from us as we socially isolate. We desperately cling to the rafts of our social media echo chambers, while posting pictures of our favourite albums or holiday snaps, reassuring ourselves that a new world is on the horizon - or the old one about to return.

There is no going back. We have crossed a threshold into the unknown. This is not yet new territory either. It’s a space in between – a liminal space. The Great Pause.

We, the culture that has made an art of avoiding death, now face death full on. This virus can kill anyone: rich or poor, old or young. No exceptions. Even as running from death, the grim reaper, is the most futile exercise humans ever engaged in, yet we cling to the hope of redemption – in a vaccine, or the total obliteration of this plague through being model self-isolating citizens.

It is not only our own human death that we face. It is the death of our culture. Our greedy, rapacious, psychopathic culture. Make no mistake, it will not die easily, nor soon. It will thrash about and attempt to revive itself with more and more shots of lifeblood-sucking medication that we call our financial system. But it is dying. I don’t know if this time is the start of the dying process, or simply marks the full prognosis. That no longer matters. The end of this planetary-sized death machine is now inevitable.

Where does that now leave us? This is the big unanswered question.

Whatever unfolds now, it is a moment of great potency and potential.

We must leave behind our old frameworks and belief systems in order to venture forward and create something new and lasting to replace our dying system.

In my work as an Energy Healer, I can help you shift old worn-out beliefs and change to new empowering ones that will take you forward into new times.

If you want to know more about me or my work, click here. Or if you want to find out more about how I can help you, go to my Therapies page.

Of course, if you suspect you may have COVID-19, please seek appropriate medical advice.

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