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Soul Dreamwork

What is it?

Dreams are a profound message from our psyche giving us key information about ourselves: who we are, where we’re going in life and how to integrate split-off aspects of ourselves. Dreams reveal deep hidden depths of our unconscious: fears and unresolved past events, as well as our innermost desires and highest potential.

Since ancient times dreams have been a significantly helpful tool for personal and soul growth.

Dreams are part of your intuitive, inner guidance system. Your dreams communicate with you in symbols that are meaningful to you personally. Standard dream interpretations don’t always capture the true essence of any symbol in your dream, so it’s essential to check in with yourself when using those tools.

How does it work?

In Soul Dreamwork we view every person and object in a dream as an aspect of the self. Each aspect is then interpreted in symbolic terms that are meaningful to you.


By analysing dreams in this way, you can:


  • Gain greater clarity about situations in life that you are struggling with

  • Gain greater understanding about your soul journey and life path

  • Integrate unresolved issues and trauma from the past

  • Uncover your highest potential and capacities that you weren’t consciously aware of.

Who does it help?

Everyone can benefit from Soul Dreamwork, and it is especially beneficial when it is integrated with an Energy Healing session.

Soul Dreamwork provides a different level of insight into issues and difficulties you may be facing in your life. You then gain a greater perspective and this informs the nature of the healing then required. Alternatively, you can request a

Soul Dreamwork session purely for your insight and clarification.

Only you know your dream’s truest meaning, but a Soul Dreamwork session can help unlock the door to understanding.

How to recall a dream

In order to participate in Soul Dreamwork, you must first write down your dream or dreams as precisely as you can, ideally as soon as you wake up. Always write dreams down in the present tense as though the actions are happening now. This makes them more immediately impactful when you then review and recall the dreams.

In addition, write down how you were feeling when you woke up from each dream. It’s very important that you don’t second-guess the feeling. For example, you may have dreamt of something rather frightening, but you actually feel neutral or even relieved on waking. The feelings are a significant part of the key that unlocks the meaning of the dream.

The best way to recall dreams, if they don’t occur often or naturally, is to set an intent before sleeping. Ensure you have a pen and notepad beside the bed, so you can write down as much as you can remember immediately on waking. And try to come out of the sleep state gradually, if possible.

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