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Dogs Health

Dogs Health essences for wellbeing of dogs

The Dogs Health flower essence blend assists overall animal health and wellbeing at physical and emotional levels, and helps dogs to express more of their natural instincts in a human-controlled world.

This blend assists nervy breeds of dogs cope with stress, as well as helping common conditions in dogs, such as arthritis and degenerative diseases, attention-seeking behaviour and food addiction.

Contents 30 ml.

Dispense 2-3 drops on the back of the dog's neck under the hair, or in food or water.

Cost: NZD $20 + shipping

The Dogs Health essence contains a blend of the following New Millennium Essences flower essences, in a base of pure water and brandy.

Aeschynanthus Black Pagoda, dog's nervousness New Millennium flower essence

Aeschynanthus Black Pagoda - dog's nervousness

Helps “nervy” breeds of dogs that are highly strung and prone to attacks of nerves when stressed, including travel sickness and all types of stress-inducing circumstances.

Red & violet sweet pea,  animal's attention seeking New Millennium flower essence

Red & Violet Sweet Pea - animal's attention seeking

Helps animals that are always having to be in on the action, to be involved with everything that is going on, and that then become upset or anxious when excluded from human activity.

Red & white camellia, animal's emotional mirroring New Millennium flower essence

Red & White Camellia - animal's emotional mirroring

Helps animals to process and release the emotional energy that they take on from humans, and then “mirror” back to them. Emotional mirroring is a vital role that animals fill for people – however, they can become overwhelmed with the quantity and the intensity of this energy.

Orange begonia,  emotional garbage energy New Millennium flower essence

Orange Begonia - emotional garbage energy

Helps animals process and release negative emotional “garbage” that they pick up from the environment, and from people. Just as people pick up negative energy of this type, so too do animals. This essence helps them to deal with this energy, to process it in their bodies, and to release it.

Camellia Crimson Robe, animal's perspective on life New Millennium flower essence

Camellia Crimson Robe - animal's perspective on life

Helps animals to deal with living in a human-controlled world, when their worldview is a lot different from the human one. This may set up an energetic tension in animals, leading to the manifestation of ill-health.

Fir tree,  animal's frustrations & limitations New Millennium flower essence

Fir Tree - animal's frustrations and limitations

Helps animals deal with their feelings of frustration and limitation, including the legacy of any early-life experiences when they first came up against the frustration of the limits imposed upon them by humans.

Macrocarpa tree - animal's arthritis New Millennium flower essence

Macrocarpa Tree - animal's arthritis

Helps animals in dealing with this distressing condition of the joints, providing support at all levels, including emotional and physical, for the animal's body to process and resolve all of the energies involved, thus allowing the need for the manifestation of the arthritis to decrease.

Red begonia bush, animal's eczema New Millennium flower essence

Red Begonia Bush - animal's eczema

Helps animals deal with the distressing skin condition of eczema, providing support at all levels, including emotional and physical, for the animal's body to process and resolve all of the energies involved, thus allowing the need for the manifestation of the eczema to cease.

Hamburger Phoenix rose,  animal's food addiction New Millennium flower essence

Hamburger Phoenix Rose - animal's food addiction

Helps animals that suffer from addiction to food, always demanding more and more food, and growing fat if allowed to overeat. Reasons for this addiction may include having been starved or mistreated at some time in the past.

Red flowering gum, releasing past trauma New Millennium flower essence

Red Flowering Gum - releasing past trauma

Helps to release past trauma and shift into the fullness of recovery – on from the feeling of “things will never be the same again”.

Nasturtium - energy lack New Millennium flower essence

Nasturtium - energy lack

For stimulating stagnant energy into movement when an animal’s energy is ebbing.

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